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Weolcome to - Your plattform for exciting adventures with geocaching! Experience the excitement of searching for hidden caches and exploring new places. is here to help you create new adventures for others aswell as arouse your joy of discovery!

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Welcome to our geocache-store with the goal offer you the widest collection of geocachin equipment as possible. We are in the process och starting this page but is aiming to expand our assortment as soon as possible with diferent types of containers, tolls and more. We are always striving to give you the best products to maximising your geacacehing experience.


Do you ship outside of sweden?

Yes we do ship outside of sweden. However, our webshop host doesn't allow us to have different currencies and shippingcost depending on what country our buyers are from. If you are outside of sweden and are intrested in buying from us, send us an email and we can give you a quote.

How big is your company?

At this point we are not even a company, this is purely a part time hobby. Our "team" consists of me and my wife and we both have full time jobs. Thats why you cant find an organization number or CVR number on the page.

How are your containers manufactured?

All our container are 3D printed in PLA(if nothing else is stated). PLA is not rated as UV stable and therefore is not recomended for outside application. But because geocaches often are hidden and not in direct sunlight we haven't experienced any problems in our testing. We have had caches in PLA outside for over 4 months without any changes in either color, shape or hardness in the plastic. The biggest problem with using PLA outside is temperatures, if the product is going to be exposed to temperatures och above 50°C it might start to deform but that is typicaly never a problem in sweden. However if you are in another part of the world this might be something to consider.

Can I get a discount if i order a lot of containers at once?

Unfortunately not. Because all our containers are 3D-printed there are no direct savings to be made by manufacturing more at once. The only real saving to be made, and it is a small saving, by manufacturing more at once is manual labor and because we dont count in our labor in the products prices it doesn't affect the price of the product.

Have you concidered manufacturing your products in other materials?

Yes, we are experimenting all the time with new products and new materials. We are experimenting wit PETG wich is rated for outdoors application but it is not as forgiving as PLA witch makes it a bit harder to manufacture with. 

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Do you have any tips, idéas och requests of new products, pleas contact us and we will see what we can do.